To the Top We Sail! CSU Salutes 50 New Licensed Fisheries Technologist
Published October 10, 2022 by Randel Magara (News) Jannie Medrano (Image)


Cagayan State University, Aparri- The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) released and announced on Thursday, October 14 the 716 out of 1,966 takers who successfully passed the Licensure Examination for Fisheries Professional. Fifty (50) of them are pride of the College of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (CFAS) of CSU-Aparri.
Forty (40) of them are first timers and 10 are re-takers with an over all institutional performance rate of 60.24% over the 36.42% national passing rate.
"I am overwhelmed with the results and I had expected for this. In the history of the Fisheries Board Exam since it started in 2003, this year is record breaking, as our BSF Graduates had registered the highest passing rate both in the 1st Takers (71.43%), re-takers (37.04%). and the over-all Institutional passing rate (60.24%) which is consistently higher than the national passing rate of 36.42%. The high performance particularly our batch 2022 graduates who contributed so much to the over-all performance of our institution could be attributed to our well-planned and intensive preparation from their one semester Course Audit and 3 months comprehensive Board exam review sessions coupled with the strong pool of experts from the faculty and researchers of the University of the Philippines in the Visayas, BFAR Region 02, National Taiwan Ocean University, and the CSUA CFAS Faculty who acted as Resource Speakers and Subject Matter Experts," said Dr. Quirino G. Pascua, CFAS Dean.
According to him, the enhanced Curriculum of the BSF Program is aligned to the PRC-Syllabus in the the 4 professional subjects taken during the board examination namely Aquatic Resources and Ecology, Aquaculture, Capture Fisheries and Post-Harvest Fisheries. "I would also like to highlight that the TRIUMPH of CFAS and its graduates is due to the all-out support of the Faculty of Instruction of the College/Campus, our intelligent and dynamic CEO Dr. Simeon R. Rabanal Jr. and our brilliant and strong woman University President Dr. Urdujah G. Alvarado" he added.
The results were released in three (3) working days after the last day of examination.
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