Navigating the Future: CSU Aparri's Operational Planning Workshop Sets Sail!
Published May 28, 2024 by Office of the CEO


Aimed at Enhancing Efficiency that takes a holistic approach by covering various activities of the campus, building one key objective, adapting to change, promoting collaboration, effective operational planning, identifying potential threats mitigating the impact to the campus and emphasizing the importance of continues improvement. OIC University President, ASEAN Engr. Arthur G. Ibanez, together with University Technical Consultants, Dr. Urdujah G. Alvarado and Dr. Florentina S. Dumlao graced the Campus Operational Planning-Workshop at Villa Andrea Beach Resort, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte on May 28, 2024 as Resource Speakers.
President Ibanez addressed the participants delivering insightful messages and setting forth plans for the campus. “We should celebrate our Successes and we must learn from our mistakes… Our intention is to transform the CSU-Aparri Buguey Extension into a dual-purpose facility, serving as both a hotel for our upcoming visitors and a laboratory for our students.”
Dr. Alvarado emphasized in her lecture the 5 Models of a University where CSU must be a Sharing, Entrepreneurial, Experiential, Subscription, and a Partnership University. While Dr. Dumlao played a crucial role by laying out the planning framework, providing essential guidance for the office heads to strategize and develop plans for the future of the campus.
The discussions and plans formulated during the workshop are set to pave the way for enhancing the operational efficiency and effectiveness of CSU Aparri, reflecting the institution's commitment to continuous improvement and development. As the campus moves forward with the insights gained from this workshop, the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders are poised to lead towards a more structured and goal-oriented approach in achieving academic excellence and institutional growth.